Personal EU Batteries Regulation Training
Ready for the new Batteries Regulation (EU) 2023/1542

Find out which obligations the EU Batteries Regulation places on you and how to deal with them in your specific case. Receive comprehensive information on how to implement your obligations with regard to labelling, battery passport, EPR and due diligence obligations in the supply chain.


„We just want to sell!“

This decisive sentence expresses how many sellers feel in the face of the sheer exploding mass of new regulations.

Formally admonished by competitors, confronted with sustainability assessments by buyers, challenged by legislators with supply chain legislation in the EU, a seller leans back overwhelmed in his office chair and thinks of simply closing his shop.  

Do you recognise yourself? Then now is the time to act.

Due to the large number of legal regulations in the EU, it is easy to lose track of the situation and find it difficult to answer questions from customers or suppliers, or to come up against limits when researching. Wouldn’t it be helpful here if you had a partner by your side to support you in this situation?

We would be happy to do so. To find out exactly how, contact us on  +49/40/75068730-0.

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