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EU/EC Declaration of Conformity - stay marketable!

The EU/EC Declaration of Conformity is your "passport" to market your products on the EU market. 

For CE-marked products, the manufacturer's or distributor's declaration of conformity is requested for almost every surveillance measure carried out by the market surveillance authorities. If you are the manufacturer or importer of your products, you must draw up and sign the declaration of conformity. 

The EU declaration of conformity is a written declaration to be made by the manufacturer/marketer that his products comply with the applicable and valid European directives within the European Economic Area. These internal market directives of the European Union define minimum requirements, e.g. for the safety and health properties of many products. 

For manufacturers and distributors, the following questions often arise when drawing up the declaration of conformity: 

  • Which directives apply to which products? 
  • What do the applicable directives require? 
  • How can conformity with the applicable directives be confirmed/proven? 
  • What technical information must I request, prepare and keep available? 
  • Who is responsible for conformity? 
  • Finally: What does a declaration of conformity suitable for a product look like? 

We will answer these questions about your specific products and will prepare the EU declaration of conformity full of signatures for you from an entry-level price of € 350.00 plus VAT for simple products. Please do not hesitate to contact us. 

We are also happy to offer you further services on the subject of product compliance, answering the following questions, for example: 

  • Is my product or packaging correctly labelled? 
  • Do I need a risk analysis for my product? 
  • What are the obligations to register in public registers? 

By the way: from 01.01.2023, independent requirements for a manufacturer's declaration of conformity will apply to Great Britain. With the so-called UKCA labelling obligation, a separate conformity assessment procedure must be started. Here, too, trade-e-bility provides competent support ready for signature. 

Find out more to this topic CE and UKCA marking.

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