Product Compliance Full-Service

Product Compliance Management for your product range

This service is particularly suitable for companies that require permanent support in quality management or in ensuring their product compliance.

If you regularly add new products to your range, you have the option to integrate us directly into your procurement system. In this way, you ensure all aspects of product safety, marketability and registration from the outset – with quality-assured processes.

What we need from you

  • Please send us the available technical documentation, product photographs and product samples, if any.

Our services

  • We thoroughly check the marketability of your products by means of the documents submitted and make recommendations for action if we have identified deviations from existing legislation and standards.
  • If requested, we will also do this directly in consultation with your suppliers, whether in English, Chinese, Polish or 12 other languages.
  • You will receive a detailed marketability report of your product offering, with a qualified assessment and recommendation from our experts.
  • We will assist you, if necessary, until the desired compliance result has been achieved, and we will help you in implementing your product conformity.
  • You are welcome to refer to us if you should receive any enquiries from public authorities or customers regarding your product safety.

We offer our permanent and comprehensive product testing for your entire product range at agreed monthly flat rates from € 290 (depending on the size of the range). 

Your benefit: in the course of time, we will get to know your processes, products and requirements better and better. In doing so, we act as your internal quality management and assist your purchasing or manufacturing process with the utmost reliability.

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Deliverables and servicesModul CM0Modul CM2Modul CM10Modul CM25Modul CM50
1Compliance consultancy by telephone or video conference24 hours12 hours/year12 hours/year24 hours/year48 hours/year
2Support in over 12 languages (including Chinese) for compliance-related communication with suppliers - - 12 hours/year24 hours/year48 hours/year
3One-time assessment of the marketability of your products. Possible components of the assessment are: - 2 products/ year10 products/ year25 products/ year50 products/ year
3aArtwork check
3bDocument check
3cRisk assessment
3dPreparation of the declaration of conformity
3eExplanation of reports by telephone, if required
3fCommunication support for enquiries from customs and market surveillance authorities incl. incl. incl. incl.
4Additional services by trade-e-bility, mediation of any necessary testing and translation services5% discount5% discount5% discount5% discount10% discount
Flat rates per month for services 1-4
Note: for machines, cosmetics, chemical mixtures as well as for RED products an extra charge will be calculated individually.
290 €290 €790 €1.790 €3.490 €
Flat rates per month for services 1-4 incl. UKCA
Note: for machines, cosmetics, chemical mixtures as well as for RED products an extra charge will be calculated individually.
340 €1.090 €2.490 €4.890 €

You can reach us from Monday to Thursday between 8 am and 4 pm and on Friday between 8 am and 3 pm. Just give us a call!