Legal Monitoring for Product Compliance

Due to the multiple and constant changes in legislation on product compliance, it is always a challenge to achieve a permanently and sustainably satisfactory level of compliance. On the one hand, it is necessary to prioritise and focus on content, and on the other hand, it is required to gain knowledge of new expected and unavoidable requirements.  Legal monitoring is the solution.   

How can I relieve myself?
We regularly monitor all legislation on product compliance that affects your products.   

What do I have to implement?
We present current and future changes to you at regular meetings and give you very specific recommendations for action.   

What can I do in the case of problems?
We are available to you on an ad hoc basis to answer questions about product compliance. You can call on us at any time in the event of official or customer enquiries.  

Optimal legal monitoring is necessary as an existential risk precaution in order to protect companies under product law. It helps employees and customers to exclude or minimise reputational damage and financial disadvantages as far as possible. These factors such as product compliance, legal requirements, regulation, product release and process monitoring are elementary.

Our Legal Monitoring Services



Regular compliance meetings on a defined product portfolio



ad hoc support: prompt information in the event of short-term changes to relevant product requirements



From € 190.00 per month plus VAT

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