Product Compliance "first aid"

Quick help for your product conformity

Imagine you are expecting a delivery from abroad for products manufactured for you. You may already have resold the goods, or have launched existing delivery commitments or extensive marketing campaigns. Now your goods are detained by customs due to complaints about product labelling or product safety.

Another possible situation is that an official inspection has been carried out or an official complaint about one of your products has been filed in your country.

Another conceivable scenario is that a relevant safety problem exists for your product and a product recall is imminent. In this case we will first help you to determine the need for action. The decisive factor in this regard is whether there is a risk to the life and health of persons or the risk of damage to property. It may be necessary to cancel the sale, recall the product from the market or inform consumers accordingly. 

In such cases we will give you speedy and unbureaucratic help.

Our services

  • Communicating with public authorities
  • Initiation of necessary product tests
  • Preparation of requested statements
  • Organisation and monitoring of any necessary product revisions.
  • RAPEX risk analysis / Case management regarding relevant safety problems of the product in question

Our technically experienced staff allow us to offer you communication with public authorities at eye level.

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