Personal EU Batteries Regulation Training
Ready for the new Batteries Regulation (EU) 2023/1542

Find out which obligations the EU Batteries Regulation places on you and how to deal with them in your specific case. Receive comprehensive information on how to implement your obligations with regard to labelling, battery passport, EPR and due diligence obligations in the supply chain.


Compliance Ad-hoc Consulting

Professional support by phone or in online meetings

Sometimes things have to happen quickly - because in retail, the motto is: "time is money". Especially in online retailing, one product trend chases the next. Only those who are among the first to recognize sales trends and are able to bring the coveted products to market promptly will make big business. However, despite all the potential that quick action promises, it is important to keep a cool head. Before you sell a new product, you have to make sure that this product can be offered in compliance with the law. Compliance risks have to be identified and compliance gaps have to be closed in order to avoid being attacked by competitors or the authorities.

But how do you do that? Which laws and standards apply to the new product? What risks does the sale entail? What are the penalties for non-compliant trade? Which laws must be observed in which countries? These are exactly the questions our compliance experts have been dealing with for years - day after day. Take advantage of this knowledge and let us advise you on all aspects of your products and trade without risk. 

We offer you this advice in an uncomplicated, fast and unbureaucratic way. We explain to you in a clear, understandable and practical way which stumbling blocks could be the downfall for your special products on the web for legally compliant sales. We show you which risks are justifiable and which you should avoid as far as possible. Even in the case of problems such as "My goods were confiscated by customs because of missing proof and documents" or problems with Rapex entries, we are at your side with possible solutions.
This advice is given - after prior appointment - at an agreed time by telephone or, if you wish, by video conference. Exactly how it suits you best.

Procedure regarding ad-hoc consultation

  • You send us your question and your desired appointment
  • We will contact you to arrange an appointment with the right expert
  • We will then let you know which documents we need in advance
  • You send us your documents before the agreed appointment
  • The consultation takes place
  • We provide you with concrete, practical approaches to solutions
  • You have the necessary knowledge to render your product readily marketable
  • Where necessary, we will be pleased to provide concrete support with the implementation

Transparent price & fair time recording every 10 minutes

The billing within the scope of our ad-hoc compliance consulting is fair and transparent. Our consultants record the time needed during your appointment in real time with the help of our intelligent CRM system. Billing takes place every 10 minutes. This means that you only pay for the time we need to solve your specific problem.  Fast and transparent advice exactly where your need it. Our hourly rate in consulting for this service is 180,00 €.

We can offer our service so precisely fitting because we have built up a clever process management based on our many years of know-how. The knowledge gained from thousands of individual tests flows into this. Our system is connected to comprehensive databases, which include, for example, the latest changes in laws and standards. In addition, a compliance manager with many years of experience in the field of compliance risk management provides advice to identify errors and make recommendations for action that fit the bill perfectly.

It goes without saying that we select exactly the expert from our company who has the necessary expertise for the products you sell.

Call now for a non-binding consultation+49 40 750 68 730-0

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