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Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance


The Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance (ChemVerbotsV) contains prohibitions and restrictions on the marketing of certain hazardous substances and mixtures as well as certain articles that may release or contain them. It is a national German legislation and not harmonized at European level. The ChemVerbotsV currently regulates four substances or mixtures. Not to be confused, by the way, with the European REACh Regulation - this refers to European legislation.

Important information about this directive / Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance compact:

  • Part of the regulation is also the formulation of expertise requirements for the trade with hazardous substances
  • The ChemVerbV affects online trade in its entirety
  • Requirements of the authorities to be allowed to place toxic and/or very toxic substances on the market: Age of majority according to German law, presentation of proof of expertise, and reliability.
  • For toxic and very toxic, highly flammable and carcinogenic substances additional requirements apply according to § 3 ChemVerbV

These products are affected by the ChemVerbotsV

Currently (as of 1/2021), the ChemVerbotsV affects the following products:

  • Wood-based materials
  • Detergents, cleaning and care products
  • textiles
  • Products containing artificial mineral fibers
  • Substances, mixtures and products containing dioxins and furans

Legally compliant implementation of the ChemVerbotsV

Laboratory testing is essential to implement this chemical safety regulation. However, the scope of testing can be drastically reduced if it is known to what extent each material has to be tested for which pollutants. We help them with our customer-oriented services to implement the respective product requirements.

Which chemicals are banned? Which chemicals are affected by the ChemVerbotsV?

What individual chemical prohibitions or restrictions from the ordinance refer to can be found in an annex to the Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance. In addition to the name, this list also contains the index, EC and CAS number of the named substances for classification in the corresponding contexts.

->Only those who act in compliance with the law are safely protected from official sanctions. We help you to implement the necessary measures.

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