Marketability test

A product is marketable if it complies with all relevant legal product requirements of the respective sales market. For the EU and other associated states there is a high degree of uniformity of requirements; however, this does not rule out individual national regulations altogether. Proof of marketability must be provided by seamless, end-to-end documentation. trade-e-bility GmbH offers you a speedy marketability test of your products to ensure that you only place safe and legally compliant products on the market.

We will check on your behalf which legal requirements apply to your product in the respective target country of the EU. We check the documentation available for accuracy, timeliness and plausibility.

Specifically, our range of services includes the following:

  • creation of a requirements profile for products, imported goods or articles with regard to their legal parameters,
  • speedy and qualified examination of the existing documentation to ensure the marketability of products,
  • early detection of non-compliance with legal, market and company-specific product requirements,
  • immediate completion of missing tests if necessary,
  • reliable information for dealers as to whether all evidence of compliance with the relevant requirements is in hand,
  • confirmation of the marketability of the products in a summary-form, reliable document,
  • communication with the manufacturers and requesting documents missing.

The benefits for your company are:

  • calculable and transparent costs,
  • limitation of financial expenditure to purely article-specific testing costs,
  • avoiding the need to establish a complex and cost-intensive permanent quality assurance system,
  • eliminating the need to provide own employees and their continuous advanced training,
  • concentration on your core skills and expertise,
  • no need for specific knowledge about legal product protection,
  • ensuring speedy and uncomplicated market entry,
  • concepts specially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises.
  • In addition to the minimum requirements, we offer you a competitive edge in marketability
  • upgrading products’ inspection seals such as the trade-e-bility GmbH seal or the GS mark*,
  • reliable claims for your products even before the start of sales through the assessment of the product properties by us or by an independent testing institute*.
  • As a flanking measure for the marketability test, we also check the product and packaging marking on your behalf; see “Marking test”.

*: This service is provided by a partner company

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