WEEE and ElektroG: Marketplaces check registration as of 1 July
Complete WEEE Germany registration quickly now

From 01.07.2023, marketplaces must check your WEEE registration with the EAR foundation - If your electrical equipment is not properly registered, marketplaces may not allow you to offer it.


Triman required in Braille?

Besides labelling via writing and symbols, haptic representation would be a second sensory channel. An extended packaging Triman for all in Braille looms here.

The EU Directive (EU) 2019/882 on accessibility requirements for products and services has been in force since 17 April 2019, but has so far received little attention. This is surprising as it poses immense challenges for retailers from as early as 28 June 2025!

The directive is very comprehensive. For instance, it is a CE Directive and must be included in the EU Declaration of Conformity for products concerned and the implementation described therein. However, it certainly imposes drastic requirements for packaging. This involves an immense extension of labelling and information obligations. For instance they must be provided with information “for opening, closing, use, and disposal” via more than just one sensory channel. In addition to labelling via writing and symbols, haptic representation would therefore be a second sensory channel. This means that an extended packaging Triman for all in Braille looms on the horizon! The directive has already been implemented in almost all EU member states. Manufacturers of packaging as well as affected products (e.g. e-book readers, smartphones, tablets, etc.) should now seek solutions.

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