The Market Surveillance Regulation in plain language

The new Market Surveillance Regulation will have a major impact on merchandise trading as of 16 July 2021. The regulation is highly complex. This is why we give you a brief introduction “in plain or easy language”.

The new Market Surveillance Regulation is required to be complied with from 16 July 2021.

A “regulation” is a law enacted by the European Union.

This law must be obeyed throughout the European Union.

The Market Surveillance Regulation deals with merchandise trading.

The European Union is a huge market for the sale of goods.

Numerous goods are purchased all over the world.

They are imported into the European Union for sale there.

Someone in the European Union must now be responsible for each and every product.

Market surveillance is carried out by public authorities.

The authorities in question are customs and market surveillance bodies.

Some goods are not properly marked or reflect other faults.

Whenever this happens, the persons responsible for goods are questioned by the authorities.

The defects of goods must be eliminated by the person responsible.

In the event of serious defects, the goods must even be destroyed.

The persons responsible for the goods must therefore always comply with the product legislation of the European Union.

Product legislation applies to various types of goods.

Many product laws govern the use of the CE mark.

The CE mark is evidence of compliance with one or any number of product laws.

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