WEEE and ElektroG: Marketplaces check registration as of 1 July
Complete WEEE Germany registration quickly now

From 01.07.2023, marketplaces must check your WEEE registration with the EAR foundation - If your electrical equipment is not properly registered, marketplaces may not allow you to offer it.


CE UKCA mix leads to non-compliance risk

The numerous deadlines and leaving companies with the decision “CE or UKCA?” alone simply mean postponing the non-compliance risk of companies into the future.

trade-e-bility had recently reported that the UK government will continue to recognise the CE marking for two years, giving companies until 31 December 2024 to prepare for UKCA marking. In addition, further facilitations and deadlines were announced. The British Chamber of Commerce in Germany (BCCG e.V.) has asked take-e-way for a comment (in German language) on this, which you can access here:

UKCA: Aufgeschoben Ist Nicht Aufgehoben

Regardless of whether you want to continue to focus on CE or on UKCA in the future, we advise you to consult CE/UKCA experts as early as possible in view of the unclear situation.

trade-e-bility is such an expert for the CE and the UKCA marking and will be pleased to assist you with any questions you may have. The example also shows that optimal Legal monitoring is necessary as an existential risk precaution in order to protect you under product law. If you have any questions, the trade-e-bility advisory team will be pleased to assist you via beratung@trade-e-bility.de or +49/40/750687300.

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