Pthalates, substances also known as plasticisers, are now regulated even more strictly. On 18 December 2018, an Official Journal of the European Union was published, announcing the inclusion of the four plasticisers DEHP, DIBP, BBP and DBP in Annex XVII of the REACh Regulation. This concerns toys and baby articles. A further amendment will take effect on 7 July 2020, which will then extend to include additional consumer products. The new limit is 1,000 ppm or 0.1%.
Parties concerned: Manufacturers and first-time distributors
Requirements: Exercising special caution when monitoring the production process Ensuring that the limit value is complied with or, if applicable, an exact declaration of the substances contained if the limit value is exceeded.
Our recommendation: Change your production operations as soon as possible to ensure that they already comply with the regulations in advance. In addition, ensure that your suppliers have already checked the products for substances in the prohibited list according to REACh. Moreover, we recommend that you arrange for your suppliers to sign a declaration of chemical harmlessness.
We at TMK will help you to make your documentation compliant and offer you test plans that minimise your laboratory costs.