EU labelling check of product and packaging

Proper labelling of products and packaging is a huge challenge for numerous manufacturers and retailers. The pressure on online marketplaces to conduct additional market monitoring in parallel with public authorities is being passed on to dealers – for example, via the Packaging Act as of 1 July 2022. Products that you offer on Amazon, for instance, must comply with all applicable Amazon policies and all applicable legislation and regulations. This enables you to prevent your offers from being blocked or even from having your selling authorisation revoked.

Need to observe information in online stores along with instructions for use

This topic concerns by far not only the labelling of products and packaging, but also compliant information in online stores and in the instructions for use / operating manuals, e.g.,

  • CLP marking
  • Eco-design labelling
  • Energy efficiency label
  • CE/UKCA mark
  • WEEE logo
  • Manufacturer information
  • UN 38.3 marking of batteries
  • EU disposal labels (e.g. Triman, Mobius Loop, Tidyman, 97/129/EC, Sorting Information)
  • etc.

Labelling check of your EU products and packaging

Ensure correct labelling of EU products and packaging now: Our low-cost labelling audit includes one-time verification of product labelling and packaging labelling with regard to statutory, technical and legal standards-specific information for the EU/UK regions, e.g. France, Italy, Belgium, Germany, etc.

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